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Jem, The Last Black Jaw .: Chapter 14 :. by QueenOfIllusion Jem, The Last Black Jaw .: Chapter 14 :. by QueenOfIllusion
All Rights Reserved Stamp by Blaue-Rose

" my name is Jem.... many years have passed since ive left my clan to live on my own. I moved far away from my home and far across the great plains to live somewhere where I cant hurt anyone else. "

Jem ran through a dence jungle as the earth shook beneath him. He moved like a fast black shadow

" I still have yet to find out why my kind feared me so much...and why they all looked at me with anger "

As Jem spoke in thought he started to run along side a river, the sun was rising bringing a new dawn over the land

" Im now fully grown into an adult big jaw.... times have been rough growing up, but I managed to make it through to today. I have learned to train myself for ever encounter I ever came into, learning how to be stronger and learn how to win a fight. Also from what my father taught me, using his skills to help me get through the challenges that lie ahead...its as if I were staring into the eyes of tomorrow. from then ive lived by myself away from my clan  "

Jem finally made his way out of the jungle and made his way up a rocky hill, with an over view of the valley behind him as the sun started to rise above the mountains

"And I have been alone ever since..."

Jem made his way to a dark cave ontop of the hill, as he walked inside there were many layers of leaves and plants gathered into an area on the floor. Jem used his tail to sweep some of the leaves back into place. He took a moment to stare at the nest remembering how he used to rest in one with his mother, He wondered how she was now... after all that has happened, and as for the rest of his clan members. Jem exited the cave yet again as the sky started to become more blue then orange. He looked up and just stared at the fading colors until he heard something not to far from down in the trees

" hmm? what could that be? "

Jem made his way down the rocky hill side again and back into the jungle, he ran further inside as he could here branches cracking and other noises getting louder

" im getting closer "

Before Jem knew it a light purple tyrannosaur crashed into him, they both tumbled back and separated

" rrrr! "

Jem rubbed his head with his claws as he sat up still rubbing his head

" Hey what's the big I!-dea... "

He finally opened his eyes and looked back at the other Tyrannosaur in front of him. She had a gentle purple looking skin with Dark purple stripes. She finally opened her eyes and looked back at him as her eyes widened

" Oh im so sorry p-please forgive me- "

While she was responding quickly Jem looked down to see a bunch of bones scattered about

" I didn't see you coming I- " She continued

Jem fully got up then helped her up

" What are you doing her this isn't your territory, have you been hunting here?? "

" I-Im sorry, I didn't know this ones anyones territory, I needed to bring food back to my clan and I have found nothing- "

" That still gives you no right to hunt here "

" I-Im sorry I know it was wrong- "

As she kept continuing Jem saw that her leg was wounded. Jem then interrupted her

" Your hurt "

She stopped and then looked at her leg

" N-no this is nothing, you didn't do this "

" Doesn't it hurt? "

" please don't worry about me, im sorry but I must get back "

Before she turned to leave Jem took his claws and gently grabbed her shoulder

" You need help first "

The Tyrannosaur looked down at her leg and then responded to him

" You shouldn't help me if I was hunting in your territory "

" true...but now you know not to come here again. Allow me to help you for forgiveness "

She quietly just stared at him the she gently nodded. Jem smiled softly and then started leading her toward the river.

As they both sat beside the water, The female tyrannosaur set her wounded leg into the water. Jem grabbed some large leaves from some bushes along with some weird looking berries as well

" Let me see your leg "

She lifted up her leg as Jem squished the berries onto the leaf

" This might sting a little at first but then soon afterwards it should feel a lot better "

She nodded as Jem placed the the leaf on her wound. She growled just a bit but the pain soon stopped after

" Thank you "

Jem nodded as he went back to looking at the water. She lowered his head as he started to drink water from it. The Tyrannosaur looked at his black scales, she has never seen someone like this before. Jem lifted his head and felt her staring at him.

" Whats your name?... " she asked akwardly

Jem looked at her but still leaning his head close to the water.

" ...My name is Jem "

" Jem?.. "

Jem nodded as he stopped taking a drink and sat back down

" And yours? "

" O-oh... my names Amethyst "

Jem just stared back at her

" Ive never seen-... someone like you before, Scales black as night "

" Yeah, I haven't seen others like me at all "

" oh.... "

" But on this important subject, why were you hunting here? and why did you look so frightened in the jungle? "

" This is something I was sent out for, I needed to bring something to my clan or else my leader will- oh no! "

" Huh? what is it? "

" I was supposed to be back a long time ago, if I stay out any longer- "

" Are you saying your leader did that to you? "

Amethyst nodded with a frightened look on her face

" Our leader is strong, he is very strict and takes out his power on his clan members, no one has dared to go up against him. and we continue to live in terror-... im sorry I should of never come here, and I shouldn't be telling you this. I must go! "

She quickly ran off without stopping, limping slightly from her leg. Jem sat and turned around still confused and yet shocked as he stared at the fleeing female.

Amythest rushed far out of the jungle  across the little plains between the large jungle behind her and another one ahead. As she entered the brush she was starting to tremble as she remembered the very thing she was supposed to go out She entered into a small clearing while other big jaws gathered around looking more gloomy then happy. The others looked at Amethyst as she entered while 3 other tyrannosaurs came to meet her, One of them being red, One a soft blue and the other a light green.

" Amethyst, are you alright? did you manage to find something? " the green one asked concerning

" No...nothing just scraps of bone that I managed to lose Emerald "

" Ruby? Sapphire? "

" we found a little but not much " Ruby returned

" I just hope I wont get- "

" Well well well you came back with nothing? "

Amethyst turned around reveling a large brute looking tyrannosaur with a battle scared face and a large brown body 2 times the size of the others

" Ti- Titian "

" It seems to me you slacked off "

" Amethyst, our territory is losing prey by the day, I tried to find what I could- "

" Nonsense! it seems to me you need to be taught a lesson "

" Hey don't-! " Sapphire interrupted

" Shut your jaws! " Titian roared as he pushed him aside " You should no better to not but in. And as for wouldn't want me to break that leg of yours where you wont be able to hunt at all and you can rot with the rest of the useless outcast "

Everyone just stood by and watched in terror. what more could they do, they were afraid

" You see them? they no their place and if you refuse to follow orders- " Titian pushed her down and roughly stepped on her wounded leg " Then it looks like your going to have to pay for it "

" Please don't! "

" Leave her alone! "

Someone had mysteriously yelled as the crowed look toward the entrance. A Tyrannosaur with the scales of night approached them as he stood a distance away from the rest of them

" Eh?... who are you?? "

Jem just stared back at him with a cold glare, He didn't move and just stood there

" Let her go "

" Why should I stranger....your trespassing, come any closer and ill teach you a lesson too "

" It seems to me your not even a leader... "

" What did you say? "

" Your no leader, these are your clan mates yet you treat them as slaves, they try what they could and yet you punish them for it "

Titian growled, no one ever talked to him like that. He stepped off of Amethyst leg as he slowly stood towards Jem

" You want to pick a fight with me eh? "

The others just watched in shock, Jem didnt even flinch

" So be it "

" rrrrrr... I assure wont win im bigger and stronger then you are... If I defeat you then you leave this place and never come well as losing your territory on the mountain there correct? "

" And if you lose you do the same "

" hmmm I doubt that "

Titian charged at him like a tank, large and ferocious, but before he could make an impact Jem quickly moved out of the way. Titan skid to a stop as he turned around to see Jem just standing still like he was before. He came to charge again at him with snapping jaws and blank eyes. Jem had enough time to avoid his attack yet again. Titian stopped again feeling a bit out of breath.

" Why you-... "

" I can see your attacks are based of your power and size and not so much on your speed "

" Ill show you! " Titian roared as he came at him ounce again. This time Jem wasn't so quick to move. Titian started using his massive jaws as he tried to bite Jem. Jem tried to avoid his large jaws because more then his body movements he sure gave a quick snap. As Jem still tried to avoid him he managed to back up just enough to make his own attack. He used his tail to hit Titian in the head. It stunned him for a moment but he continued to Snap at Jem. Jem could already see he was getting angry and putting more effort into his attacks. Jem then thought of something, Jem ran away from Titian as he immediately  followed behind. As Jem saw the brute following close he moved quickly revealing a large boulder ahead of him. Titian then finally saw it coming to him, he was to late to stop as his face crashed into the hard stone. The others gasped as Titian slowly moved himself up away from the rock revealing his face and a cut on his jaw revealing a missing tooth.

" Ill....Ill... Ill get you for this-... "

Titian sounded out of breath as his staggered toward Jem. Jem Stood there getting ready to move. Finally Titian charged at him one final time before Jem took as leg and kicked Titian in the face. Titian himself was in shock as the blast sent him flying to the ground. Dust Knocked up from the impact as Titian laid there. Jem slowly lowered his leg as he walked to Titian standing over him. Titian laid there with his face sore and a small amount of blood dripping from his mouth. He managed to shake off his shock and laid there out of breath looking up at Jem

" Y-you.... "

Jem stood there over looking him

" Stanger with scales black as night.... a perfectly good stranger... did this-.... * Cough * Who are you-?.... "

" My Name is Jem "

Everyone stilled stared at the 2 in the middle of the clearing

" Remember our deal?... "

" You cant do this to me... "

" You would of done this to anyone else "

Titian just looked at him with wide eyes, he was speechless and could say nothing more, finally Jem helped him up as they both looked at each other. Titian just grunted in his face as he made his way toward the entrance and left the clearing

Everyone started looking at each other then later started cheering. Jem turned around and looked back at them. They all came near him with smiling faces as they all cheered on how brave he was

" You helped us stranger! "

" We are so grateful "

" no one has ever stood up to him before "

Jem was surprised on how happy they were, had he done something right? Jem couldn't help but feel joy inside him as he smiled back at them

Amethyst walked through the crowd as Jem's smile started to disapear

" You?... why did you come here? Why did you help us? we just met and yet you- "
" .... It was no trouble at all, after what you said... I know it was none of my business and I couldn't help myself. I didnt know it would lead to this "

Amethyst just stared at him and then softly smiled " T-Thank you "

Jem smiled back and then nodded. He then looked behind him at the entrance " I must being going now... after all this isn't my territory "

" Oh please stay with us! "

" We must repay you somehow! "

" Im sure you have traveled far why not rest here "

Jem looked at them with a shocked expression, he had no idea what to say. Before he knew it he was being pushed by some other Tyrannosaurs.

" Come on now don't ya be going so soon, you must be hungry "

" You sure will need some rest after that there fight "

Jem was quite shocked as the others started to push him too

" woah-! Ah I no this isn't necessary-! hey now I didnt mean to intrude! Hey come on-! "

Most of what Jem said couldn't even be heard as many others praised him and started asking him questions, Jem Finally gave up and started going along with him. He felt something inside him that made him extremely happy.... something he hadn't felt in a long time... He couldn't help himself but to just smile

Finally here it is! :D

Art/Jem/Story (c) ZoroarkQueen
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AhO4464 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Looks like Innocent Exiled Jem has evolved into Fair Former-Rogue Jem!!! He even has a Ph.D!!!      

And Jem did the right thing standing up to Titan like that. That beast was worsening the name of his fellow species with his iron fist, which is ironic since Tyrannosaurus Rex translates to "Tyrant Lizard King"

But thanks to Jem that ain't happening, and in return he received a gift from the other Tyrannosaurs that was not seen in the original movie!!! And that gift is Hospitality!!! Sweet, Greatful, Juicy and meaty hospitality!!! :D

The T. rex pushing Jem to stay very nicely is one of the reasons why this is my favorite chapter, Keep up the good work buddy!!! :thumbsup::aww:

QueenOfIllusion Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
They have faced dark times for so long they were overwhelmed by the stranger that saved them when no one else was able to bring themselves to do it :3
AhO4464 Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
Who can blame em?!! Jem, ironically being a Black Jaw, is they're Ray of Sunshine!!! :D He has saved not only the clan, but also the reputation of the Tyrannosaurus name!!! :D Now they can be cool to dinosaur lovers without being seen as Tyrannical!!! :dance:
Afr0Panda Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Speed and agility vs Power and size. Love it! I always look for good fan fictions. Looking forward for more!
QueenOfIllusion Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Thanks! :D
Dinotrainer Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
So what will happen next?
deathscythe96 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
ohhh man awesome jem rocks i cant what to read more Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Really Yay) [V2] Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Really Yay) [V2] Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Really Yay) [V2] Nyaruko (Otakuing with eros) [V1] Nyaruko (Otakuing with eros) [V1] Nyaruko (Otakuing with eros) [V1] 
QueenOfIllusion Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
;3; thank you!
Hypraman Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome story :lol:
QueenOfIllusion Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
Hehe :D thank you
Hypraman Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anytime sister :love:
QueenOfIllusion Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
BryantTheNightFury Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
its good :D
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looks awesome as well! X3
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thanks :D
velociprey149 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problem! X3
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